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Happy Thanksgiving, Atlanta! Creative Ways to Celebrate!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re wishing you most wonderful Thanksgiving festivities, each and all! If you have plans to travel, journey safely… Forecasters report winter weather across much of the country. In all your plans, and in every way, put “thanks” and “giving” into your celebration!

Looking for fun and creative ways to mark this important day? Here are a few ideas…

* Gather with loved ones for a potluck dinner, and share your favorite Thanksgiving stories!

* If weather permits, consider a Thanksgiving picnic!

* Check in with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers to say hello! Let people know you’re thinking of them!

* Gather for a recipe or cookie exchange!

* Cheer for your favorite football team!

* Participate in a community parade!

* Keep the day fun and stress free! Sleep in, plan for a movie, catch up on a good book!

* Share your gratitude with others by sending a special note and Thanksgiving card via old-fashioned post!

* Organize a group activity with your family, friends, neighbors, and office colleagues!

* Have fun with the idea of a themed Thanksgiving, and consider an historical celebration! You might even consider a Thanksgiving vacation!

* Volunteer and give the gift of time and service! Participate in a fund raising event!

* Whether you are planning for traditional treats, a menu with something unique, a Thanksgiving meal out at a special restaurant, or you hope to relax with the convenience of take-out, give yourself the freedom to relax and enjoy the day in the ways most important for you!

Most of all, know that we’re thinking of you, and wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

Andy and Ann Marie