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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Tips for Winterizing Your Home: Autumn is upon us… Winter is near! Seasonal changes in the weather are coming. This is a great time to gear up for freezing temperatures, and to consider how and when to winterize your home!

Here are a few checklist items to consider. Check in with your home inspector or other system-specific qualified contractors as you have questions, or need advice and guidance about how best to proceed.

* Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home
Consider an energy audit. Attend to areas in need of maintenance or improvement.

* Protect Your Pipes Inside and Out
Be sure your pipes are well maintained and in good repair. Check weather stripping, caulking, and insulation. Let the interior faucets drip as needed to help prevent freezing. Consider cutting off the water to outside faucets and hose bibbs so you can open and drain the water from those. You might also shop faucet insulators.

* Install a Programmable Thermostat
Set the temperature for the interior of your home for personal comfort and convenience, and to support the protection of your home and its systems across the winter.

* Gas Lines
If your home includes gas line for cooking or heat, check in with your provider for their recommendations related to the care and keeping of these systems. You might also check in at the website for Atlanta Gas Light for more information.

* Service Your HVAC System
Remember your regular maintenance program as a homeowner, and change those filters routinely. This is also a great time to schedule a service call with your HVAC company. Be sure your system is operating efficiently and is in good repair. There is no way to prevent every emergency, but there are reasonable ways to reduce the risk. You might also consider a service contract.

* Ceiling Fans for Circulation
Adjust the rotation of your fans to circulate warm air through the rooms of your home.

* Consider Your Windows and Doors
As it’s time to replace your windows, shop for windows with the best insulation technology. Check your doors for weather stripping, and think about draft guards for the base of your doors.

* Check the Attic, the Roof and the Crawl Space
Be sure your attic and any systems within it are in good repair, properly insulated and ventilated. Another excellent idea is to check the roof for any damage or the usual wear and tear that occurs with the passage of time. While you’re at it, check the crawl space too.

* Clean the Gutters
With falling leaves, we’re reminded that it’s time to clean the gutters. If you haven’t yet considered gutter guards, it may be a good time to install a quality system.

* Landscaping and Yard Features
If you have special features related to your yard such as an irrigation system, or landscaping decor such as a fountain or bird bath, attend to these as well.

* Travel Plans
As you make plans to travel, be sure to include a checklist with reminders that will help protect your home from winter weather during your absence. You might also want to leave information and instructions with a close family member or trusted friend who can help attend to your home should there be an unexpected storm or weather emergency while you’re away.

* Protect People and Pets
In everything you do, always keep the safety of people and pets in mind.

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